Yes, you can make a change!

Recover your life and your health with bariatric surgery.

There’s a good chance you’re reading this because excess weight is killing you.  Probably not today, or next week, or even next year.  But you feel the weight taking a little “bite” out of your life every day.  You’re probably a ‘winner’ in most things, and maybe it makes you mad to find you can’t beat this weight problem.  We understand, we’re here in San Antonio, and we can help.

Dr. Pilcher is one of the first and the most respected bariatric surgeons in San Antonio.  He applies a comprehensive approach that gets to the root of metabolic obesity.  With bariatric surgery and the help of the outstanding team, we can help you regain control of your health.

Get your life back with serious, lasting weight loss achieved through bariatric surgery procedures such as Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve.  You’ll appreciate our clean, state-of-the-art facilities as well as our friendly and highly competent team.  You may be surprised at how quickly you’re back on your feet after surgery.  The most common comment from patients after surgery is, “I wish I’d done this 10 years ago!”

You can get started at our free information seminar about bariatric surgery.  Or, if you’re already convinced that surgery is the right move and you want to ‘get going’ ASAP then please give us a call at 210-651-0303, and ask for Diana the Intake Coordinator.

We look forward to meeting you!

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