Meet the Practice

We’re improving health for the long-term

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Pilcher has a strong reputation in San Antonio for helping patients conquer their weight problems and regain control of their lives.  We’re in the Medical Center and in Stone Oak; we operate at top-quality hospitals that provide outstanding patient service.

Experienced Bariatric Surgery

We’ve participated in the evolution of bariatric surgery, so we give our patients the benefit of advanced surgical techniques seasoned by experience. With over 3,000 bariatric procedures, Dr. Pilcher has a very low rate of surgical complications and an excellent rate of lifelong weight control.  Dr. Pilcher’s success arises not only from skill and commitment, but also to our team-based approach that offers each patient the compassionate care and life-long guidance needed to meet and maintain goals.

Leaders in our Field

Our team not only help patients—they also use their knowledge and skills to serve as teaching faculty members, helping to train other doctors in the art and science of bariatric surgery and bariatric medicine.   Dr. Pilcher also participate in clinical trials and research studies, giving our patients access to leading technology and devices that are constantly improving bariatric medicine.

Life-Long Support

We’re beside our patients every step of the way. For example, every patient works with a patient advocate who is familiar with the patient’s history and helps navigate the insurance process. Our team is well-rounded, including not only doctors and nurses but also counselors, personal trainers and dietitians who coach you to take control of your eating strategies. Many patients find their greatest strength through our ever-growing peer group programs, which provide social and psychological support where and when you need it most.

Recognized for Our Work

As a result of our focus and excellent patient outcomes, New Dimensions was the first designated Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence in South Texas. This designation is awarded by an independent external review agency called the Surgical Review Corporation and it is granted only after extensive review confirms that a program has all the pieces in place to achieve outstanding outcomes in terms of safety and effectiveness.






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